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FPL Point Fitness Center     High Ridge Imagine Charter School       Fort Storage Wall Panels      Fairfield Hotel       Condo Lindenwoods     MIC Earlington Heights.
Ultra-Span works for established operations as well as new start-ups. Take advantage of the Ultra-Span technologies system. It has been applied in every continent - and been a proven profit maker!
‘See what our customers say about Ultra-Span’
...We are finding that the product that we are producing with these new extruders is by far some of the best we have produced in our plant over the last few years.
- Prestressed Systems Inc.
Ultra-Span producer for 25+ years.
...I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased we are with the Ultra-Span Center Turret Saw.
- StresCore Inc.
Ultra-Span producer for 20+ years.
...Our long history with Ultra-Span products has consistently demonstrated low maintenance costs, and the support we have received from Ultra-Span over the years in regards to service and technical support has been exceptional.
- Gate Concrete Products
Ultra-Span producer for 15+ years.
…Recently, we acquired the new Ultra-Span SMA 400-360 Saw. We are ecstatic with the performance and versatility of this saw, it is the one saw that meets all of our hollowcore needs.
- Stubbe's Precast
Ultra-Span producer for 15+ years.
…I wanted to convey my satisfaction with our new machine which we received around December 2010. We produced about 350,000 square feet so far…I think the only thing we replaced was the material shield and a hammering plate liner.
- Pittsburgh Flexicore.
Ultra-Span producer for 20+ years.
Ultra-Span simply provides you with a solution for producing the best hollow core slabs, at an unbeatable profit.