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Production Services Vehicle
Hollow Core Casting Bed Cleaning Equipment

PSV-300 Features and Benefits:

  • Cleaning the casting bed removes dust and debris from the casting bed's surface with a rotating brush which spans the full width of bed (including the rails). Water can be applied ahead of the rotating brush to assist the cleaning process as well as keeping dust to levels to a minimum. Final cleaning is provided by a rear mounted rubber wiper removing any residual water. Brush and wiper are raised when not in the cleaning mode.
  • Applying release agent (form oil) to the casting bed surface. Holding Tank and Pump supplies release agent to the rear mounted spray bar providing a light film of oil to the casting bed surface. Pulling multiple prestressing strands in a single pass. Rear mounted strand hooks pull up to seven prestressing strands the full length of the casting bed.
  • Increased production as the time cycle between cutting / stripping the product and producing new product is significantly reduced (by as much as 50%), saving valuable time during the production process.
  • Reduced production costs; a two to five man operation has now been reduced to a one man operation. Quantity of release agent substantially reduced as it is now applied in exact amounts. Up to 7 prestressing strands can be quickly and easily pulled at the same time.
  • Dependable and Durable; manufactured international quality standards (ISO 9001-2000). Easy access to controls from driver's seat. Extremely low maintenance insures smooth slab bottom year after year for your clients. Increases the life span of the casting beds