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Hollowcore Solutions
EXT-400Si Extruder

Extrudes concrete at a rate of up to maximum 2.3 meters (90 inches) per minute, drive is easily adjustable to suit your concrete mixing and delivery systems speed and capacity. High quality slabs: dimensionally accurate, superior finish, optimum concrete density and excellent bond to strand. Increased profits due to highly efficient trouble free production reduced maintenance costs and reduced concrete consumption. Zero slump concrete with optimum water/cement ratio reducing curing time in as little as 6 hours with controlled curing methods.

Hollowcore Saws

Ultra-Span Saws are workhorses of the industry - capable of performing 90º cross cuts, 180º rip cuts, and angle cuts left or right directly on the casting bed. Hydraulic controlled motions allow blade speeds to be preset during installation, virtually eliminating blade damage due to operator error, therefore greatly increasing blade life and reducing the cost per cut. Laser light guidance allows for fast setup and greater accuracy cut after cut.

PLT-400 Si Automated Plotter

Cutting angles, cut-away areas, and project identification can be drawn and automatically printed on the slab. A user-friendly touch panel is provided.

The hollowcore plotter eliminates errors and saves producers on waste and labor costs.

Casting Pallets

A honeycomb frame that is more rigid due to more cross braces, provided with holes for under pallet heating. These pallets are manufactured in 5.59M (18.34ft) sections and of a design that make installation fast and easy. The pallet dish is 1/4” (6mm) thick material, resulting in a more stable, longer lasting structure with less vibration. The dish is welded to the base. Available in radius or chamfered rail design. Guaranteed tolerances and quality.

PSV-300 Production Service Vehicle

Multifunctional PSV is used for the preparation of cleaning casting pallets and designed to perform the following functions.

Cleaning production casting pallets with rotating brush, pulling the strands along the casting pallets, and oiling of the casting pallets for superior finishing.

Lifting and Erection Clamps

The clamps are heavy duty and have high load ratings. A major advantage of the clamps is that they are designed with pivoting clamp faces making it possible for the clamp to match the cross section regardless of any concrete growth. The clamps feature quick engagement and release design for smooth and continuous work flow.

Rated load per clamp is 4,545 kg (10,020 lb). Factor of Safety = 6