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Recent Projects
FPL Point Fitness Center     High Ridge Imagine Charter School       Fort Storage Wall Panels      Fairfield Hotel       Condo Lindenwoods     MIC Earlington Heights.
Precast Elements Solutions

Shutters with self-reacting moulds as well as shutters with foundation anchorage for the production of heavy-duty prestressed ceiling slabs (1,200 kg/m2 and up to 35 meters in length). Omega beams, reverse Omega beams,TT beams, TT beams with lower plate, I beams, double-ribbed elements with hollow tube and flat ceiling. They can be automatically adjusted for different heights,widths, and thicknesses via the hydraulic drive, an operator‘s station, or by remote control.

For the manufacture of prefabricated 3-D concrete parts - e.g., transformer sub-stations or elevator shafts – we offer a wide range of shutters with different designs appropriate to the desired degree of automation and available manufacturing space. Both continuously running concrete parts and concrete parts with a roof or floor can be produced. The shutter core is either conical in shape or equipped for hydraulic or mechanical reduction of volumetric capacity.

We manufacture a wide range of shutters for the production of staircases and landings – from simple shutters and/or double battery shutters for fixed standard staircases, all the way up to flexible shutters for variable staircase sizes and shapes. This product is available both as an all-steel model for especially long lifetime and as a steel/wood model for the greatest degree of flexibility when manufacturing staircases having the most-varied shapes and sizes.

Ultra-Span offers a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of concrete parts for industry and commercial building and construction; from tiltable production lines all the way up to stationary conveyors for the manufacture of wall panels, fixed and variable shutters for supports all the way up to complex multi-purpose shutters for beams in the most varied sizes and shapes.