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Less Moving Parts
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Moving Parts

No surprises is always a good thing in manufacturing. But movement is a bad thing that demands money.

Welcome a simple solution…the EXT-400 Series.

The EXT-400Si requires approximately 80% less moving parts than competitors’ sheer compaction mechanics. Ultra-Span takes its patented vibration system to a new level of elegance. The 400Si is so streamlined for ease of maintenance it is completely free of grease lines resulting in lower operating costs.

Low maintenance costs are critical for today’s economy and, with Ultra-Span’s patented vibration system, the EXT-400Si delivers results with fewer parts in contact with concrete than any other industry extruders.


“ We really stress the importance of fewer moving parts. The more parts that are in motion and in friction with the concrete the more the equipment will break down. It is that simple. And that drives costs up for producers…and that is unacceptable.” declares Mr. Valdes.

In fact, a few pennies per square foot are being realized for maintenance costs amongst active producers with the 400 Series. Adjustable vibration frequency feature allows for optimal compaction eliminating losses due to waste associated to strand slippage. The EXT-400Si’s performance is delivered by quality formulation in a harmonized manner for high-quality, high-performance demands.


"Also, with fewer moving parts you have less friction, wear and noise," said Valdes, "which extends life of the equipment. This design also makes the 400 Series smaller, more compact and weighing less. Another ideal performance gain! "

Coupled with the performance metrics of the 400 Series installs, UST now offers Service Agreements to make the maintenance expenditure predictably low and very manageable...freeing up more cash for your operations and eliminating unwanted surprises.

Would you be interested in saving $100K to $250K per year?

To see how Moving Parts’ Performance stacks up and get a free assessment click here. We are always interested in talking to producers committed to optimizing their operations and improving their bottom line...we are talking money, yes, and peace of mind for a better life.