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Introducing the revolutionary EXT-400Si.
Advances of the EXT-400Si
   MODULAR ADAPTIVE STRUCTURE - the most versatile and adaptive structure ever conceived  to optimize capital expenditure and  throughput performance.
   SMART START TECHNOLOGY - an advanced, set-up intelligence to streamline conversion, virtually eliminates downtime and increase asset life.
   OPERATOR ONLINE OPTIMIZER™ - today's latest technology deployed for trouble-free, lights-out operation to maximize financial returns.
   ENHANCED HOPPER PERFORMANCE - FLOW™ WITH MOISTURE INTEGRITY MODULE - harmonizing material inputs to performance outputs increasing auto-extrusion & eliminating labor.
   PATENTED VIBRATION SYSTEM - world's leading technology delivering unequalled performance  via engineered  &  co-dependent  quality  & throughput.

  Optimizing Financial Performance :

  • Lower labor cost. 0.5 operator with the Extrusion Auto mode.
  • Less cement, Less Water, Superior Product due to adjustable frequency of vibration and optimum compaction.
  • Uninterrupted and smooth operations due to adjustable auger speed.
  • Less energy consumption due to more autonomy with the extended hopper capacity.
  • Increased uptime and ROI due to modular design.
  • Lower maintenance and operating cost due to fewer moving parts and smart start.
  "...Our long history with Ultra-Span products has consistently demonstrated low maintenance costs, and the support we have received from Ultra-Span over the years in regards to service and technical support has been exceptional."

- Gate Concrete Products.