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About Us

For over 50 years, Ultra-Span has been helping pre-cast producers improve their operations. We started by building simpler, smarter equipment with fewer components that used less material. That allowed producers to increase throughput and avoid downtime and costly maintenance hassles.

Over the years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with precast producers to evolve our solutions. We’re inspired and driven by customers to focus on what matters – equipment designed with simplicity in mind, that increases throughput, reduces downtime, and drives increased profitability. We collaborate with customers over the long-term to ensure they achieve the business results they seek.

We share our knowledge with our peers and customers in order to move the precast industry forward. We contribute to our customers’ success by helping them focus on what matters to them – the wants and needs of their own customers. While equipment is what we produce, it’s our people and solutions that generate success. We build pre-cast profits, not just equipment.


Our vision is to partner with precast producers around the world as the most committed developer of successful precast solutions.


We work with precast producers to increase their profitability and success by delivering simpler, smarter solutions and better equipment that gives them control, predictability and reliability; while ensuring a paramount customer experience.